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If you would like to know the first step towards volunteerism, then please CLICK HERE.

Note: The Tara Bhavan Home is currently seeking financial assistance in helping run the home. Please contact 03-40443381.

Here are some voluntary work that are available:

  1. Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation have programs for new volunteers. It covers four major aspect of humanitarian work: the disabled, children, elderly and Hospice. Tel: 03-22722020
  2. YMCA, Brickfields are looking volunteers to tutor primary school children. Tel: 03-22741439 (Alicia) or email program@ymcakl.com
  3. Welcome Drop-In Centre needs volunteers for counselling and administration work. Training will be provided. Tel: 03-2010981
  4. Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd needs volunteers to give tuition to the students who need special attention. Tel: 03-4563237
  5. Kapar Gift of Love Home is looking for volunteers to give tuition and conduct activities for the children. Tel: 03-3334216
  6. Assunta Children's Society needs volunteers to be facilitators to children with learning difficulties. Tel: 03-7937105
  7. Rumah Keluarga Kami needs volunteers to provide tuition and administration work for the home. Tel: 03-8367877
  8. Rumah Kanak-kanak Impian needs volunteers to help the children with their studies. Tel: 03-7756987
  9. Rumah St. Vincent De Paul need volunteers to provide tuition. Tel: 03-3332606
  10. Montfort Boy's Town needs volunteers to conduct language classes, coaching sports teams and teaching music. Tel: 03-5591735
  11. Canossa Welfare Centre needs volunteers to help students with their studies. Tel: 03-6214706
  12. Educare Centre is looking for volunteers to assist students with their studies and also Tamil-speakers who can help visit families in the area. Tel: 03-3659894
  13. St. Anthony's Training Centre needs volunteers who can teach music,  handicraft, cooking, languages and literacy. Also needs physiotherapists to conduct therapy programmes for rehabilitation. Tel: 03-6352482
  14. Home for The Aged is looking for volunteers to help in various functions. Tel: 03-9311464
  15. Sunset Home needs volunteers to help in administrative work and the up keeping of the home. Tel: 06-6310897
  16. Catholic Women's League needs women volunteers to join and give support. Tel: 03-2553008
  17. St. Joseph's Home needs volunteers to be a mentor to the children. Tel: 04-2635418
  18. La Salle Learning Centre is looking for volunteers to help children with their learning process. Tel: 04-2617614
  19. Home for Single Mothers is looking for female volunteers . Tel: 05-5479842
  20. Rose Virgine Welcome Home needs volunteers to teach handicraft and tuition. Tel: 05-5467031
  21. I.J. Learning Centre needs volunteers  to help children with their studies. Tel: 04-3248366

For more information on the homes and organisations listed above, please refer to the relevant pages in this website.

Note: Some homes require volunteers as well. So, if you're interested, please look into the relevant pages and give- them a call.

If you know of some voluntary work or are looking for some people to join you for some volunteer service, please send me the details at charitymsia@hotmail.com